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Christian’s Pinus sylvestris

By 5 February, 2020Bonsai, bonsai, bonsai
pinus sylvestris

… today a short story about this beautiful tree …

This tree like many of this quality came from Bonsai Studio Momiji ( J.P. Polmans ) and after successful growing, the tree was approached for the first time in the same studio by Christian and JP.Polmans in 2012.

First very raw bending of two branches, one of which is supposed to be in the future the head and upper part of the tree and the second which is supposed to be the first branch … the rest of the branches were left in case …

The tree recovered very well and was left to grow freely …

After a few years of just growing and gaining ramification on our yearly meetings at the Bonsaimotorworld bonsai school at the Studio bonsai Momiji, Christian and I did another raw styling … we left one sacrifice branch at the bottom to quickly thicken the upper part, and set it in position.

Again after a few years of growing, finally the tree got to the Bonsaimotorworld workshop in Spain to get refinement. Over the years the tree developed very well … time for a new shape.

Wire … hours of work … some branches cut off … some twigs cut off … and only the head to set up.

Ready for another step … densify and repot it in a more suitable pot with a new angle. I hope one day it will shine at a bonsai exhibition …

With calligraphy Jii (which has a special meaning to me)

bonsai, pine