Jere`s pinus sylvestris (Yamadori pasión)

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kengai jeremias pino silvestris

The story about this special Pinus Sylvestris started in 2006 when Jere got it in his hands. It was not very special material at the beginning but like all trees, it had good potential to be converted into a decent bonsai. One of the most beautiful parts of the tree were exposed roots ( neagari ), quite interesting and unique. The journey of this tree took over 10 years to become the shape it is today.

kengai jeremias pino silvestris

For two years tree was recovering from being dug out.

kengai2 (2008) Jere pino silvestris

The first very raw styling was done by Mr. Kawabe and Jere during a workshop.

kengai3(2008) pino silvestris Jeremias

You can see the result of this work in the picture.

kengai4(2011) pino silvestris Jeremias

As Jere was thinking about a cascade style, he planted it in a very deep pot. However, the pot did not actually match the tree at all. This brick-looking straight pot did not compose very well with the tree. For many years after, the tree was growing wild and gaining density.

kengai5(2014) jeremias pino silvestris

For the next few years the maintance was guided by Bonsaimotorworld and the tree continued to densify. The main work during this time was only to pluck the needles to gain nice short ramification and be fertilized well. The pot was also changed for a shallower one, which better matched the tree.

kengai6(2017) pino silvestris mario komsta jeremías

At the end of 2017 Jere decided to give me the opportunity to shape it for a better look. This job took place in the new atelier of Bonsaimotorworld. During the work, the tree gained more defined branch placing and the same density all over the tree for the next step of development. Some unnecessary branches were converted to jin to create the feeling of an older tree.

pino yamadori pasion mario komsta
pino yamadori pasion mario komsta
pino yamadori pasion mario komsta
pino yamadori pasion mario komsta
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