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1 November, 2020

KINBON bonsai magazine Interview

KINBON bonsai magazine full interview 1   Your name, bio, profile and title Mario Komsta – Bonsai Professional I was born in Blachownia, Poland (1977), where I spent my childhood growing…
16 August, 2021

Morning sun, hot summer inspiration

Keizoku wa chikara nari Continuance is power/strength.        Pinus sylvestris ' Little brother '  from private collection of Luis Vallejo collaboration work of Luis Vallejo & Bonsaimotorworld display…
4 August, 2021

Summer cooling down in the forest

Natsukawa wo/ Kosu ureshisa yo/ Te ni zori Yosa Buson The summer river. It’s happy to walk across it. My hands with zori sandal.       Fagus sylvatica _ collaboration…
18 July, 2021

I wish i have done all bonsais in this life with you

abura kōri / tomoshi-bi hosoki / nezame kana M.Basho The narrow tongue of flame, / the oil in the lamp is frozen; / it is so sad to wake up!…