Mario Komsta

marius janusz homsta

Background Statement

I was born in Blachownia, Poland, where I spent my childhood growing up surrounded by a lot of nature and the town’s lake. Some of my hobbies as a teenager included; rock climbing, fishing, hiking, mountain biking and gardening.

After graduating from university with a masters in steel construction, I decided to change my career path and become a bonsai professional. Plants had always been my number one passion and hobby.

I had already been working for several years in a garden nursery, which helped to develop my interest in plants and bonsai. This keen interest later took me to Japan. How that became about is a whole other story. If you are really interested about how it happened we could always have a beer and chat about it!

About Mario

Mario has been practicing bonsai for over 20 years. He completed a five-year apprenticeship in Taisho-en nursery, Japan, under Nobuichi Urushibata and received a Certificate of Skill in Bonsai. He is a recognised professional by Nippon Bonsai Association and All Japan Shohin Bonsai Association. After his studies in Japan, he moved to Spain where he is currently based.

He is knowledgable in a wide range of species and can always see potential no matter the age, style or size (shohin, chuhin, dai). Mario has a unique talent in that he understands how trees and their roots grow, allowing for even ramification and excellent health. He has a deep appreciation for nature, taking design cues and applying them to his profession.

He offers: bonsai maintenance (design, wiring, repotting, grafting, nutrition etc.), preparation of trees and displays for exhibitions (including pot/table/accent recommendations), bonsai classes, photography of bonsai and displays, and maintenance of private collections.

“By using simple techniques and experience, your tree can be transformed into a better version of itself.”

– Mario Komsta