Hanko dream … on the very old stump of Oak tree

Original calligraphy by Oyakata hangs on the wall of the workshop.


Another dream come true, big thank you to Pablo Guadano who made it real. Great job. He made them exactly how i was imagining , hand made with a jig saw from aluminium plates. Mounted and floating above a very old stump of oak tree.

Small but big detail added to Bonsaimotorworld garden ! The square stamp means Bonsaimotorworld and the round stamp means Mario and both together they are my logo stamp… original stamps ( Hanko ) are made from wood in Japan and are official which means i can use them to sign documents. I store them very carefully. The stamps are exact copy of original calligraphy painted by my Oyakata Nobuichi Urushibata and after curved by stamp studio in Japan.