Big pine for my garden

By 5 October, 2018bonsai
bunjin pinus mario komsta
pino Bunjin en Laos Garden

In Laos Garden

I always wanted to have a big pine for my garden. One that was special, characteristic and different from any other bonsai. My mind was always set on having a bunjin, as they are unique and difficult to style.

This past spring, I found a very interesting tree at Laos Garden. Marcio who works there, told me that he repotted it one year ago and repositioned the tree in fresh new soil. This was my tree!

Careful cultivation during the whole growing season made the tree healthy along with needles of equal length. A tree with even growth is always the best condition for styling and wiring.

pino bunjin en mi taller

In the workshop before cleaning the needles and after one good year of growth

ángulo de plantado antiguo del pino bunjin

Old planting angle

nuevo ángulo de plantado de pino bunjin

New planting angle

First I spent almost a whole day cleaning and equilibrating the amount of needles. The second day I spent designing the tree using a minimal amount of wire, listening to the tree and where it was telling me to place and slightly adjust the branches. I would like that the tree will have a naturalistic style with a wild aspect, while still looking like a bonsai.

I hope I have achieved the image of the tree that I had in my head.

detalle de las ramas de pino bunjin de mario komsta

close up of the branches

reposicionamiento del árbol levantándolo pero sin trasplante

I moved the tree to change the angle just lifting it up but without repotting it

pino bunjin en mi taller

half way

detalle de ramificación de bonsai de pino silvestris

close up of the stylized branches

Bonsai de pino silvestris estilo bunjin

full image after the work


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