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The year 2001, one of my favourite trips I did with my three friends. We took a public bus from my home town Czestochowa to Lviv, and then the train over two days to Simferopol. In a four bed cabin in the train wagon we squashed four bicycles and four of us. The train was ok but the most interesting part was when the train stopped at the stations, people would enter selling food and beer. The most memorable question from the trip was every time the train stopped we were asked –  Pivo budjet pit? (Would you like some beer?) – No, no we had some already.  – Pivo budjet pit? They would repeat, so finally we said “Da cietyrie” (Yes, four beers). This is how Oboljon beer became my friend. The most tasty food was home made cziburieki sold by grandmas directly from tables at the train stops. We had to jump out from the train and buy it, wondering if the train will roll on without us. Finally we got to our starting point. We planned to ride daily lots of kilometres but quickly we realised that the Crimean Peninsula is not flat ! Anyway we enjoyed the ride and we made it.

Passing different places by accident we found a small bonsai exposition …. how surprised we were !

All the trip took a few weeks, from Simferopol, through Bakhchysarai, Sevastopol, Yalta, Alushta, Sudak , Feodosia and back to Simferopol where we caught a train back to Poland. Crimean Peninsula – a beautiful place, nice views, great sunny weather, good people and bonsai !!! The Balszoj canyon of Crimea was also a special place. The walls of the canyon are up to 300m from its bottom, and the width at the most narrow place is only 1,5m! A popular destination in the canyon is the “Bath of Youth” – swimming is allowed, but the water is never warmer then 11C. I swam in it and maybe that is why I am still only 25 years old! Moreover, there were many unfinished constructions when the Soviet Union collapsed, Vorontsov palace, Chatyr dag, Swallow’s nest and tasty wine, ( oh wine… we got drunk one day when we stopped in a random wine shop and the owner was making his own wine, but it was delicious and we can’t remember how we left the shop). Lots of great memories, but better to talk about it over a glass of wine 😉 ….. one day.


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