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By 4 November, 2014Motor

I had the opportunity for my motorbike to be displayed in the BMW Madrid fair.

I feel very happy and proud !
Big thanks to Joaquin Martos for make it possible.

  Since I was very young, I have always enjoyed travelling. My passion for the world, nature, different cultures and animals has already taken me to many destinations. The most notable being to the Crimean peninsula (bicycle), to Japan (Tran Siberian railway), Europe by Cinquecento, and finally to Turkey (BMWA) and the North Cape (BMWA).

The next trip to realise is my pending adventure by BMWA from Spain to Japan in May 2015. Japan is a very special place to me as it was my home for five years during my bonsai apprenticeship. It is also a place of great memories that I am excited to return to, and an ending highlight will be to visit my bonsai master.

I will share this unique journey through my blog: www.bonsaimotorworld.com and I hope that in the future it can gain a wide audience and become a comprehensive travel guide, especially for motorcyclists, where I’ll be happy to give first hand advice, share practical details and answer questions.

On this special journey that I have planned, I intend to (virtually) take with me many people, and show them beauty, reality, adventure and unknown biking. I will describe daily life on the motorbike and show why this exceptional vehicle is the way to go! I also wish to show on my blog through photos and writing, that just by having a dream bike, some savings, motivation and willingness to work hard, you too, can do the same…

I will travel through 16 countries, two continents (Europe and Asia) and the second highest mountain range in the world, The Pamirs.

I will visit many important UNESCO sites across this trip and places of interest. The most interesting: Meidan Emam, Persepolis, Ashgabat, Darvaza crater, Muynak, Center of Bukhara and Samarkand, Pamir highway, Semey and Kurchatov, Orkhon valley, Hongorin dune Gobi, Ulaanbaatar, Jongmyo, Changdeokgung, Horyu ji, Himeji jo, Kyoto, Itsukushima and many many more….

The trip will take more than 3 months with around 20000km to ride through.

Countries to pass: Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kirgizstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia, South Korea, Japan.

“Keep riding – it is one of the most marvelous adventures that anyone can have.” – Lloyd Alexander


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