Parviflora Bonsai recovering the health

By 27 January, 2020Bonsai, bonsai, bonsai
front side, pinus parviflora Xema Laguna Font

In October 2017, I received this pine in order to help it recover and after that to properly maintain it. This tree, from Xema Laguna Font, normally lives in the Mediterranean coast and because of the lack of winter there, it suffered the problem of not going dormant. In this situation, trees that don’t take a rest from growing usually get lots of terminal buds and yellow needle tips sometimes turning into necrosis. So many buds and no dormant period for the tree, causes it to become weaker and weaker each year. This also means that the buds cannot open in spring. The only solution for this problem is to move the tree to a colder region that has a proper winter (for example the place where I live 😉 ).

trasera de pino blanco, bonsai de Xema Laguna Font

lateral de pino blanco, bonsai de Xema Laguna Font

detalle pino parviflora Xema Laguna font

In this tree’s case, I fertilized it moderately in spring to acquire new growth and then fertilized it slightly more in autumn. In August I selected the buds as I cleaned it and voila!
detalle pino parviflora Xema Laguna font

(If you have an important tree that would like to have a nice sleep, don’t hesitate to contact me, I can offer a luxury B&B for your tree!)

Images from II UBE bonsai convention in Aranjuez 2020